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Diploma mills could also be guilty of fraud if they mislead customers into believing that the qualifications they issue are accredited or recognized, or make false claims that they will lead to career advancement, and accept money on the basis of these claims. Compared to legitimate institutions, diploma mills tend to have drastically lowered academic requirements, if any at all. Depending on the institution, students may be required to purchase textbooks, take tests, and submit homework, but degrees are commonly conferred after little or no study.

Unlike with tuition guarantees, which do not require advance payment, prepaid tuition plans typically require students to pay the cost of tuition for their entire degree program in advance of starting school. Prepaid tuition plans apply only to tuition expenses, and exclude other costs such as room and board and student activity fees. 18 of the prepaid tuition plans (all but Massachusetts’s U. Plan) are 529 plans. That means your earnings will grow tax-free and will not be taxed when you withdraw as long as the funds are spent toward qualified higher education expenses.

Universities act autonomously in the acquisition and use of third-party funds within the framework of scientific and artistic research projects and findings. In 2020, despite the COVID-19 pandemic, the financing system for education in Poland did not change significantly as compared to the previous years. However, some detailed regulations were amended and such changes are taken into consideration in this chapter, although they are usually in force for a limited period of time or are even of one-off nature. While some states have made progress in addressing disparities within states, unequal access still exists within states. At the same time, inequities are greatest across states lines, as per-pupil spending across states varies dramatically.


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